Marty Was A Solid Dude On 'Gilmore Girls,' & Deserves More Credit

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Marty Was A Solid Dude On 'Gilmore Girls,' & Deserves More Credit

We often talk about the Gilmore Girls women because, well, that's the show. But the guys of the show are just as fun to discuss. Jess, Logan, Luke... Dean... ugh. But there's one who gets left behind more often than not, and that would be Marty, Gilmore Girls' very own "Naked Guy."

For most of his time on the show, Marty harbored an unrequited crush on Rory. He was caring and supportive and had excellent pop culture taste. But for some reason, when discussing the men in Rory's life, Marty rarely comes up.

But enough with that Marty erasure. If we skip his straight up character assassination in Season 7, up until that point, Marty was nothing other than an unsung, hardworking peer that helped keep Rory grounded when she was at Yale and almost 20 years on, he deserves more credit. Here's why:

1. He is eager to learn

Just like Rory, Marty shows up on the first day of shopping week an hour early for their Japanese Fiction class because he doesn't want to miss a thing. It is a very freshie thing to do, but he's a like-minded overachiever who cares about his studies and wants to make the most of his Ivy League education.

2. He makes a mean drink

Throughout college, Marty spends his time outside of class making extra cash on the weekends by bartending for the wealthier student population at Yale — including Logan. And when you're in school especially, having a friend who can make a killer cocktail isn't too shabby.

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