Lindsay Deserved Way Better On 'Gilmore Girls'

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Lindsay Deserved Way Better On 'Gilmore Girls'

There are a number of things I don't understand about Dean and Lindsay's relationship on Gilmore Girls. First up (and arguably the most pressing): Why on earth did they get married at 18 years old when Dean was still clearly in love with Rory. Why, I ask! Why?

At first glance, you'd probably call Rory the protagonist of the series, along with Lorelai, so as viewers, we may feel obligated to root for her. But I'm here to say that is certainly not something you need to prescribe to, especially when it comes to how Lindsay was treated during Rory's emotional, and later physical, affair with Dean. It was abominable, and I think she deserved way better than to have fallen for a guy who was not over his ex and kept it from her.

Just off the top of my head, here are some of the reasons Lindsay got the short end of the stick...

  • She blindly hopped into marriage too soon: I can't totally blame the girl, she didn't know Dean harbored residual feelings for Rory. And when she said yes, I assume she was just doing what she knew via her parents.
  • She never had the opportunity to be independent: Instead of finding herself after high school, she went from her childhood home into her married home with Dean. She didn't get a job, and instead waited for Dean to return home from his two jobs and classes. Come on Gilmore Girls, allow the girl to live a little!
  • I'll say it again for the people in the back, Dean WASN'T OVER RORY: Dean was pining for Rory from the day he broke up with her at the Dance Marathon, and everyone knew it but Lindsay.
  • She never got closure: After Lindsay's mom reams Rory in the town square, we don't really hear much about her post-marriage fiasco. I'd hope she went onto a bountiful life, but we wouldn't know that from the show!

Dean and Lindsay's marriage should have never happened. I think they both realized it in the end, but it was too late for Lindsay. What do you think? Was Lindsay wronged, not only by Dean but by the show? Should we feel bad for her? Let us know in the comments what you think.


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