What Do You Think of Below Deck: Down Under

I finally caught up with the first three episodes on Peacock and I'm LOVING it. For some reason I can't get into Below Deck: Sailing Yacht so this is filling the preference sheet-sized hole in my heart.

I have one complaint though. It is not about how Captain Jason (who I am told is known in the industry as "Captain Big Dick") or even about Chef Ryan who doesn't seem to know that the job he signed up for entails serving other people, not them catering to his whims.

My problem is with deckhand Britini (rhymes with "martini"). I'm sorry but that is not a name. Well, it is. It is her name. She seems like a great gal and a good worker, but I can't handle it. We've seen lots of crazy names on reality TV before, but this is a first. But no matter how much I hate it (and it is the worst thing to happen on Below Deck since Eddie's affair with Rocky) even she deserves the respect of her coworkers saying it right. Yeah, I'm talking to you Ben. (Also, Culver is on name notice as well, but I was too distracted by his body.)