Worst Haircut Experience

I just recently and finally got over a traumatic haircut experience, which makes me really want to hear some other stories. I'll share mine too. I grew my hair out crazy long during the pandemic, like down to my waist. It was the longest it has ever been. I have also never gotten my hair "done" before. Of course, the occasional cut, but I have never gotten my hair styled AND colored before. We are talking total virgin hair. I was so excited to get it done! Because my hair was so long, I was also donating it for the first time too. Well, idk what happened. My hairdresser never measured anything and instead of cutting off the 10 inches we agreed on, they chopped off a whole ponytail measuring 20 inches. I died to say the least. The way it was cut was so choppy, unmeasured and did not make any sense at all. I walked through my front door (sobbing) and all my mom could say was that she was sorry. Not even an "oh, it's really not THAT bad!" I'm telling you my luscious locks were butchered so badly, the next salon I went to in order to fix it said it was the worst they have ever seen. Nearly seven months later, my hair is finally back a length I am happy with and at least is super healthy!