So is this season of the Boys the grossest yet?

I am a huge fan of The Boys and it’s grizzly take on the superhero genre. It has always been such a unique point of view to watch the corrupt super hero and Homelander may be one of the best tv villains yet.

Maybe I am remembering this wrong but I know the first 2 seasons were gory and blood filled and it doesn’t normally bother me that much but is this season taking it too far?

My husband and I were watching the first episode and got to THAT scene…if you know, you know and just sat there in silence until the end of the episode in complete shock. Which I guess is the point and well done by them if so.

I’ve always enjoyed the premise of the show and we’ve gotten to episode 4 and it calms down a bit but still I forgot how gross it was and I have had to cover my eyes a few times. So I guess my question is…is it too much or am I just being overly sensitive?