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I had to weigh in on this as I am low key obsessed with following this trial (much like many others), I too have been through DV, I know I cant speak on how other people go through recalling trauma. Also I know here is every possibility she is truthful, however the posing, the detail of the descriptions, the mannerisms, I keep thinking watching it thinking how would I be recalling this and I genuinely don't think I would be able to speak never mind noticing someone taking a picture of me.

I’m soooooo exited after the trailer, not to jinx it but I feel famously good trailers make for shit seasons (BH Denise and Brandi storyline dragged and boring AF) Ultimate girls trip season 1 was nice because we needed that positive friendly and fun vibe but towards the end I was like where’s the drama.

I think this s2 cast despise the trailer will be chaos, there’s no way the housewives cast are going to be boring.

Those girls knew the assignment.

Totally I think they are both very damaged people, I do get the maybe going second is better but then at the same time I feel like her legal team have been such a mess mixing up dates etc that it will give Johnny's team so much to go at. I definitely ain't a lawyer so I have no clue how next week is going to go but I'm interested to find out!

Definitely! I do think the outcome of this will be you have both done wrong and nobody is getting money from this.

Yeah I agree has gone on far too long, I think it is very grey in terms of evidence they seem to be abusing each other. I just think it's wild after his testimony how the whole internet has shifted to being very much his side.

I would say June, July, August are typical summer months it isn't ever scorching heat but you still get sun, clear skies and above 20 degrees. Plus if there is a rainy day it makes more of the experience, if you drive up north and pass Glen Coe it actually looks pretty cool when there's cloud and fog so those months are good even if it's not all sunshine I would say your better to have a mix.

Short flight times I can't help with, however I can say I'm from Scotland and I'm blessed to have gone so many places around Europe, Asia and over to AUS and NZ, and despite adding a couple of hours SE Asia is so worth it, Bali is one of my top places along with Thailand. Europe, I love Barcelona, culture, food, people just 10/10. If you don't mind the climate I will always say Scotland is somewhere to go, I am bias however in all my travelling, the scenery/people will always be next level.

Totally agree, such a missed opportunity to actually give a shout out to people who are suffering from jokes and abuse over it. The whole thing is just totally overshadowed by the drama of the slap and could have been a good moment for him to defend his wife whilst raising awareness.

I personally feel while their may me some parallels in the level of bitterness about jokes I just don't think they are the same. I could never condone violence no matter how a joke may be taken.

I think the Kanye beef has become psychological abuse and hope never develops into a violent altercation.

Will went straight to the slap when really he could have still called him out defended his wife and left with his head held high.

Literally it’s like stop trying to make drinking each other’s blood happen, it’s not going to happen .