The 7 Quirkiest Hobbies of Bachelor Nation, Ranked

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The 7 Quirkiest Hobbies of Bachelor Nation, Ranked

Every week we tune into the Bachelor and Bachelorette to watch our favorite contestants (or least favorite villains) do the most ridiculous things to win the attention of the lead. The contestants come ready and willing to get down and dirty in competitions like swimming with pigs, skiing in bikinis, mud wrestling, smell tests in love labs, and zombie paintball.

And some come more prepared than others.

The "skills" of Bachelor nation seem to span an exhaustive list of useful, and not so useful, talents that help contestants win coveted group date roses that translate into more time with the lead. But what about their other talents and hobbies that sometimes don't make it on air?

Let’s take a look at the quirkiest hobbies of the members of Bachelor nation.

7. Courtney Robertson - Bachelor Season 16

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Understandably, it didn't take much for accomplished model and author Courtney Robertson to grab the attention of Ben Flajnik on Season 16 of the Bachelor. But when it comes to Courtney's favorite hobby, it takes a much more discerning eye. Courtney's quirkiest hobby is antiquing. In fact, Courtney tells me, "I'm a bit of an antique enthusiast. From yard sales to estate sales... I love the thrill of a great find and a good deal."

6. Susie Evans - Bachelor Season 26

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When Clayton went to Virginia for Susie's hometown date, he didn't expect to get a lesson in jiu jitsu from Susie and her instructor. Susie first fell in love with Brazilian jiu jitsu when living in Japan. Of the sport, she writes, "I had never worked so hard at something in my entire life - I also had never failed so hard at something in my entire life." Sounds like Susie learned to build some of that tough character on the mat.

5. Becca Kufrin - Bachelor Season 22, Bachelorette Season 6

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Beauty? Check. Brains? Check. Mad basketball skills? Yup, that too! Who knew Season 6 lead Becca Kufrin spent time out of heels and on the court throwing up lobs and making trick shot videos on TikTok. We always knew she had game but not like this!

4. Kendall Long - Bachelor Season 22, Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 5 and 7

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Head on over to Kendall Long's Instagram and you'll find a whole highlights section full of her favorite hobby, taxidermy. While acknowledging that it's not for everyone, Kendall believes "it’s important to integrate the acceptance and normalcy of death in our daily lives." Don't we all wish we could find a hobby we're so passionate about?

3. Matt James - Bachelor Season 25

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We saw plenty of Matt James' abs during his time as Bachelor lead and there's no doubt that he spends a lot of time in the gym. But when he's maxed out on crunches, what does he turn to? Guitar hero. Girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell dubs him a "pro" and from the looks of this video captured on her Instagram stories, she's not wrong.

2. Kaitlyn Bristowe - Bachelor Season 19, Bachelorette Season 11

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While the most outrageous contestants are often the most entertaining, it's always nice to see someone on the show who we feel is #relatable. And how many of us can say that we've heard our favorite hip hop song come on, whether we're in the car, at home, or out at a bachelorette party, and proudly rapped every lyric. It never gets old to see Kaitlyn Bristowe pick up the mic to rap to "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa.

1.Nick Viall - Bachelorette Seasons 10 and 11, Bachelor Season 21, Bachelor in Paradise Season 3

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During episode 4 of Nick's season as Bachelor lead, we got a glimpse of his rollerskating skills when we saw him and runner-up Raven Gates go rollerskating at the Milwaukee Art Museum. But it doesn't stop there. Sprinkle in a little California sun, a few beads of sweat, and an entrancing beat, and watch Nick Viall all night long as he rollerskates on his Instagram feed, moving his hips with the beat. You're welcome.

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