Did This 'Stranger Things' D&D Promo Just Drop A Major Season 4 Clue?

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Did This 'Stranger Things' D&D Promo Just Drop A Major Season 4 Clue?

Let's start with the good news: on Friday, Dec. 18, Netflix will release some new footage of the Stranger Things cast. The bad news? The footage will be of four cast members playing Dungeons & Dragons. David Harbour, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Natalia Dyer are teaming up to form their own party in the game, which will be shared on the series' YouTube channel. And, while the whole thing might just be an elaborate Christmas-themed partnership between the show and D&D, the Stranger Things cast's D&D game has to mean something for Season 4, right?

The short teaser for the special event, which will premiere on Friday, Dec. 18, reveals a few specifics about the game the team will be playing, Lost Odyssey: Toy Time for Ten-Towns. Most notably, Harbour reveals that they will be going on a quest to "save Christmas," and that Dyer will be playing as Jinx, Matarazzo as Meryl, and Wolfhard as Sylvester. For those who might not know, D&D is a role playing game, which basically means that these characters could be anybody. However, there are a few things that stand out in the teaser that might give more solid clues as to the nature of Stranger Things 4.

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Are Vampires Coming To Hawkins?

First things first: who is the Dungeon Master (DM for short)? It's Chris Perkins, D&D's Principal Story Designer. Sharing the teaser on his own Twitter page, Perkins promised fans that this Stranger Things quest would answer the question: "Whatever happened to Fritz von Weerg, the Curse of Strahd toymaker who crafted the Pidlwick puppet and inspired Gadof Blinsky?"

If that means nothing to you, well, I hate to break it to you, but you're probably not destined to be BFFs with Will Byers. Curse of Strahd is a D&D adventure book. According to SyFy Wire, Curse of the Strahd was a horror adventure that involves vampires. Which, honestly, would probably be a welcome addition to the Stranger Things universe. At least Hopper would know how to kill it — hopefully. But, assuming vampires aren't coming to Hawkins (or Russia) in Season 4, the quest could be hinting at a possible twist.

Time Travel In Stranger Things 4

Originally published in 1983, Curse of Strahd fits in nicely with the Stranger Things timeline — Stranger Things 3 took place in 1985, meaning that Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas would probably have been playing this edition of D&D years ago, when Will was first taken to the Upside Down. The early teaser for the upcoming season revealed that Hopper was still alive and was being held in a Russian prison camp. It did not, however, say when Hopper ended up after the explosion at the lab. Could time travel be entering the chat?

We're Not In Indiana Anymore

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Perhaps a more compelling clue is the title of the game, Toy Time for Ten-Towns. Ten-Towns is a place at the center of a few D&D adventures, including a recent release, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. That book takes place in an endless winter, which looks pretty damn similar to the Stranger Things 4 teaser. Perhaps that's a clue that Season 4 will take place mostly in Russia instead of the usual Hawkins, Indiana.

Is Dr. Brenner Returning In Season 4?

Then there's the mystery of Fritz von Weerg, the toymaker. According to a D&D fan wiki, Fritz von Weerg was a toymaker whose lifelike creation, Pidlwick, rebelled and killed him. This would make him somewhat analogous to Eleven's Papa, aka Martin Brenner, who turned Eleven into a weapon that eventually killed him in Season 1. Actor Matthew Modine has hinted that his character could return in Stranger Things 4, telling NME, "The show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, have said that unless you see a body, the character's not dead. And obviously we never saw Dr. Brenner's body." This quest just might confirm it.

We'll have to wait and see if Harbour, Dyer, Matarazzo, and Wolfhard actually succeed in their quest before we get all the answers. But I'm hoping we see Dr. Brenner again. If Hopper could survive being exploded into the Upside Down, then surely Dr. Brenner could survive being dragged by a demogorgon... Stranger things have happened! (So sorry, I had to.)

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