Will Kris Jenner Really Join 'RHOBH'? I Asked 'Housewives' Psychics To Weigh In

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Will Kris Jenner Really Join 'RHOBH'? I Asked 'Housewives' Psychics To Weigh In

On a level of one to emotionally fulfilled, my love tank has been on empty following the news that 1) Keeping Up With the Kardashians is ending after 20 seasons, and 2) Denise Richards isn't going to come back following a truly disastrous second season. I'm basically Gina Kirschenheiter from RHOC last season, just trying to hold it together, you know?

But when one door closes, a Farrow and Ball-painted French door into a pristine Calabasas master closet opens. Shortly after the KUWTK news, fans started theorizing that Kris Jenner, with her now incredibly wide open schedule, would join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the newest Housewife.

At a glance, it makes sense. Money? She's riiich, hunny. Reality experience? She wrote the rulebook. Friends? She loves her friends so much, she sang a song about it — and even cameoed in RHOBH Season 10 at Kyle Richards' party.

But there are also a lot of reasons Kris wouldn't dare join the women for an awkward Capri Room reveal/baby shower, a lot of it having to do with power and, let's be honest, money. Kris Jenner's time ain't cheap.

"She wouldn’t be an executive producer of the show. She wouldn’t have control over the edits,” Andy Cohen said on his SiriusXM show "Radio Andy," managing expectations of eager fans like myself. "I think for someone who is used to having so much power of a show, I can’t see her surrendering that power.”

And still, I hold out hope.

Why? Because I believe in something bigger than all of *this*, and there are a certain few people who can help me with making sense of the things I do not understand: the psychics and mediums of Real Housewives past.

Calling Allison DuBois

The medium from the RHOBH Dinner Party from Hell (a.k.a. Allison DuBois) was otherwise engaged and did not answer my email asking her to use her ability to ~sense whether or not Kris would join the cast, but like Emily Simpson doing a burlesque dance for her in-laws after Shane bailed on their Vegas trip, I persevered.

Over the years, across the continental U.S., many a Housewife has visited someone with the gift of connecting to the greater powers that be. So I cast a wide net and landed on two women who have provided guidance to some of our favorite reality personalities: Mbele, the psychic medium who welcomed the Atlanta women into the Elephant Room in Season 10, and Mystic Michaela, the psychic medium and aura reader who has been featured on Real Housewives of Orange County.

Two Psychics Weigh In

I am confident I know a lot of things about Kris Jenner, having watched her live out her life on TV for the past 13 years. But there are two things I didn't know about her that I learn immediately from Mystic Michaela: "Kris Jenner has a red and purple aura." What does that mean, you ask? Well, the combo, according to Michaela, means "she is not one to be told what to do in life, rather, she makes her own way."

"Red auras don't like being told what to do and often find themselves in entrepreneurship careers," check and check for Kris. "As a purple, she needs creative outlets for her artistic nature. Purples don't mind attention, but along with that red, she needs to control the way in which attention comes."

Michaela "feels" like Kris may already be onto a new project that will, once again, put her family in the spotlight. But, she'll "do it in a way where she has a producer credit," she says.

Like many online, Michaela feels like Kris has been considering joining RHOBH and has started those conversations. But it's an "up in the air" feeling Michaela has that suggests Kris wants "a promise of produced drama rather than actual drama."

"I feel like Kris does not like to enter anything with blinders on, so I get she is doing some digging as to what this would look like if she did join the cast. "

Mbele agrees, feeling that Kris isn't in any rush to sign up for a new (huge) obligation. "Kris is tired," Mbele tells me. "She wants a break to just be free, without serious obligations or commitment." Mbele sees a couple of years off for Kris, too. "Still running her empire, of course."

What About The Current Cast Members?

[rich Embed]

The show has some big personalities, all whom are still vying for Lisa Vanderpump's crown since her sour departure in Season 9. But how would the other women take to Kris Jenner walking onto the scene?

"Some of the ladies are truly against it," Michaela summons, suggesting that some may even be working to "counter any sort of merge of Kris with [the] group."

But what about Kyle Richards, Kris' friend and supposed organic gateway into the group?

"Although Kris is friends with Kyle, I feel certain other ladies in the group are definitely NOT on board," she conjures.

One of the continual gripes from the women on the show is how Kyle gives Teddi Mellencamp special treatment as a friend (probably because she's, you know, better friends with Teddi). But introducing Kyle's longtime friend Kris may be the storyline that disrupts that power duo — or perhaps they team up as a power trio. Richards, Jenner, and Mellencamp sounds like an intimidating friend group to me, if not an award-winning law firm that has offices mini-fridges stocked with only the finest mineral waters and hand-picked almonds.

This Isn't Goodbye, It's See You Later

Even though Andy Cohen basically yelled "Goodbyeeee Kris" before she even got to say "Keeping up with me has never been easy," (I've got about 17 more where that came from), and as I continue to pretend like I didn't read that a source told Entertainment Tonight the rumors about Kris joining RHOBH are "untrue," I'm choosing to hold out hope that there is a sliver of possibility in this theory. (After all, Kyle said "You never know" on Instagram.)

Even if we get Kris as a "friend of the show," (I know, that seems below her as I even type it. Kris is not an Elyse. But is she a Faye?) I think fans would feel satiated.

"She’d probably do guest appearances or limited screen time if signed," Mbele evokes.

And Michaela agrees! "I feel like we are NOT done seeing Kris as an occasional drop by on the show, but as for a full cast member, I feel like she has much bigger things in the works. Projects where she has center stage and full control."

So there you have it. The powers that communicate with The Powers have spoken: Kris Jenner, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star? Probably not. But frequent "friend of" the show now that she has a little more time on her hands? Time will tell. As the momager has famously said herself, this may not be a case for psychics, but instead:

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