Test How Well You Know ‘Outlander’ With These 25 Trivia Questions — ANSWERS

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Test How Well You Know ‘Outlander’ With These 25 Trivia Questions — ANSWERS

This week, The Dipp challenged Outlander fans with 25 trivia questions written by Caitlin Gallagher that tested your knowledge about the show, the books, and the beloved Murtagh. If you haven’t quizzed yourself yet, dinna fash. It’s not too late to find out if you ken the difference between a Sassenach and a laird — just click here.

If you’re ready to know the truth, below you’ll find the answers to five rounds of questions.

Let us know how you did! Email us at hi@thedipp.com — we’d love to hear your score. And hey, if you did really well, we might give you a shout-out in our next newsletter.

(Final warning: the questions and answers consist of potential spoilers for Seasons and Books 1 through 5.)

Round 1: Scotland Proud

1. Who is the first person Claire speaks to when she travels back in time to 1743 through the stones at Craigh na Dun?

2. What is the actual meaning of “Sassenach,” Jamie’s pet name for Claire?

3. What are the first names of Laoghaire’s two husbands before she married Jamie?

4. Diana Gabaldon appeared in the fourth episode of the TV show, “The Gathering,” as Iona MacTavish. Which character did Iona shush for translating Colum MacKenzie’s Gaelic speech into English for Claire?

5. Pictured here is the real-life Doune Castle in Scotland, which has been featured in Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Game of Thrones, and the Netflix movie Outlaw King. It was also the stand-in for what major Season 1 location?


1. Captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall

2. an Englishperson (Englishman, or outlander)

3. Hugh (MacKenzie) and Simon (MacKimmie)

4. Murtagh

5. Castle Leoch

Round 2: All About Murtagh

1. What is Murtagh’s relation to Jamie?

2. On the TV show, what trade did Murtagh practice — and overcharge Young Ian for — in the New World?

3. On the show, Murtagh has the nicknames of Lard Bucket and Big Head for which two Highlanders?

4. Murtagh survived longer on the TV show than he did in the books, but he died in battle either way. Name the battle Murtagh died in in the novels and on the TV show.

5. Finish Murtagh’s dying words that he said to Jamie both in the book and the show: “Dinna be afraid, a bhalaich…”


1. Jamie’s godfather

2. Blacksmith

3. Rupert and Angus

4. The Battle of Culloden and the Battle of Alamance

5. “It doesn’t hurt a bit to die.”

Round 3: Who Said It?

1. “I said I was a virgin, not a monk. If I find I need guidance, I’ll ask.”

2. “There are times for men of peace — and a time for men of blood.”

3. “He gave you to me. Now I have to give you back to him.”

4. “Everything to do wi’ bairns is a nuisance, almost. Still, ye’d never choose not to have them.”

5. “It’s like bicycle riding, I expect.”


1. Jamie

2. Roger

3. Brianna

4. Jenny

5. Claire

Round 4: History, According To Outlander

[video Embed]

1. For the Outlander theme song, Bear McCreary adapted the words of a Robert Louis Stevenson poem set to the tune of “The Skye Boat Song,” making the lyrics about a “lass” instead of a “lad.” Which historical “lad” were the original words about?

2. What was King Louis XV doing when Jamie first met him in his room at Versailles?

3. Which American historical figure do Claire and Jamie meet at the theater with Governor Tryon on the TV series?

4. Which classical composer communicates with Mother Hildegarde, whose music helps Jamie and Claire decode a Jacobite message while they’re in Paris?

5. Which character is NOT based on a real person from history?

  • Simon Fraser the 11th Lord Lovat
  • Louise de Rohan
  • Clarence Marylebone the Duke of Sandringham
  • Edmund Fanning


1. Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Stuart)

2. Using the toilet/going to the bathroom

3. George Washington

4. Johann Sebastian Bach

5. Clarence Marylebone the Duke of Sandringham

Round 5: We’re Not In Scotland Anymore

1. The ship that Jamie and Claire sail on to rescue Young Ian shares the same name as the Greek goddess of hunting. In Roman mythology, the comparable goddess is named Diana, like Outlander‘s author. What is the name of the Greek goddess and ship?

2. How does Claire realize that Otter-Tooth, whose ghost she encounters in the woods of North Carolina, is also a time traveler?

3. What color does the Paris apothecary Master Raymond claim surrounds Claire and is the reason he calls her Madonna?

4. Where do Claire and Jamie wash ashore after their ship is destroyed sailing back from the Caribbean? Be specific.

5. What is the name of this resident of Fraser’s Ridge?


1. Artemis

2. His skull has silver fillings

3. Blue

4. Les Perles, Georgia

5. Ronnie Sinclair

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