An Ode To The 'Outlander' Bloopers — Where A Time-Traveling Drama Gets Silly

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An Ode To The 'Outlander' Bloopers — Where A Time-Traveling Drama Gets Silly

When thinking about Outlander, the intense, century-spanning romance between Jamie and Claire should come to mind. While the argument can be made that Jamie is actually the comedian of the show, it is, at the end of the day, a drama series. But the vibe on set is not always so serious if the Outlander bloopers are to be believed.

The DVD and Blu-ray releases of the Outlander seasons come with a gag reel showcasing the silly side of the cast led by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. There are several constants when it comes to the bloopers that pop up season to season — a good deal of profanity with a particular fondness for the f-bomb, animals not hitting their marks, and Balfe's adorably goofy giggle. Here are the best moments of the Outlander bloopers to tide you over during Droughtlander.

Season 1

Even Black Jack Randall actor Tobias Menzies shows he knows how to have a laugh (in a non-sadistic way) in Season 1's bloopers.

Don't Sleep On:

Part 1:

Balfe and Heughan share an oh-so-sexy trail of spit during Claire and Jamie's wedding kiss at 0:19.

Heughan ruins a very serious moment when Jamie trips as walks away from Claire at the stones in "The Devil's Mark" at 0:23.

Heughan is not impressed with the taste of Balfe's fingers at 0:32.

Part 2:

Menzies bangs his head and announces, "I literally banged my head," as Balfe giggles on during Frank and Claire's second honeymoon sex at 0:22.

Heughan flips the double bird at 1:02.

Much of the cast suffers from stumbles, bangs, and falls — but perhaps Balfe the most — beginning at 1:51.

Season 2

The season's bloopers kick off with some dance moves from the cast and Balfe calling Heughan a "ridiculous human being." As evidenced below, that's the pot calling the kettle black.

Don't Sleep On:

Part 1:

Marc Duret's Monsieur Joseph Duverney's attempts to seduce Claire get even more (unintentionally) brazen when he forgets his line at 0:41.

Romann Berrux's wee Fergus is too precious as he tries (and fails) to get his donkey to move at 1:19.

Heughan announces, "No potatoes today!" in a high-pitched voice (why? who knows?) at 1:45.

Stanley Weber's the Comte de Saint Germain kisses Heughan's Jamie — aw, they aren't enemies after all! — at 1:50.

Part 2:

Heughan's not the only one doing a strange voice in Season 2 when Balfe shrugs and proclaims, "I don't know!" at 0:43.

Heughan and Balfe are very regal at the gardens of Versailles when they make some elephant-like trumping noises at 1:29, 1:38, and 1:47.

Graham McTavish's horse steals the scene from Dougal when it defecates at 1:42.

I dare you to not break like Balfe does when she has to say two bite-related lines from "La Dame Blanche" — "By any chance ... is this bite from a monkey?" and "Oh, I know what 69 is!" at 2:19 and 2:41, respectively.

Season 3

The fucks are flying and the dance moves continue in the season that sees Jamie and Claire living apart. But with the longest blooper sequence of the five seasons, Jamie and Claire's separation apparently didn't put a damper on filming.

Don't Sleep On:

Part 1:

When Claire and Bree's mother-daughter farewell hug lasts a little too long, Balfe and Sophie Skelton break into a fit of giggles at 1:10.

Heughan loses his dinner in bed at 1:31.

Menzies is seemingly delighted to have been punched by Heughan while at the Battle of Culloden at 1:35.

Part 2:

Heughan nearly ruins the mood when Jamie is about to have sex with Mary MacNab when he says, "I completely fucked up the line," at 0:08.

Balfe also struggles when Claire attempts to give some tea remedies for Margaret Campbell at 0:58.

Part 3:

Lauren Lyle tries to get a taste of the clapperboard at 1:00.

A surprised Jamie pops up and says, "Claire!" to which Heughan and Balfe lose it at 3:23.

Heughan and Lyle jokingly give each other shit — "You're doing a great job here carrying a fucking bucket," "I've got a fucking bat, I'll hit you with it" — at 4:14.

Season 4

Life in the American colonies is still just as funny — and fucked-filled — for the Frasers.

Don't Sleep On:

Part 1:

Balfe shows impressive timing when she chomps in time with the clapperboard at 0:07.

Father-daughter bonding isn't going so well when Heughan's Jamie rambles to Skelton's Bree, "Oh fuck, here we go. I'm fucking knackered. The bees. The birds and the bees. You'll know about that cause you were up all night with that Roger," while they're bee hunting at 0:32.

Duncan Lacroix's Murtagh flubs his "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" line to Claire during their reunion at 1:29.

Heughan gets his twirl on in a puddle at 3:04.

Part 2:

Heughan and Balfe are creative giving one another the finger at 0:48.

The on-screen couple enters a contagious fit of laughter after Heughan rolls his "r" for Roger for too long at 0:53.

Season 5

Beyond the cast, the behind-the-scenes crew gets in on the action for Season 5 as the young actors behind Baby Jemmy cause more trouble than the animals.

Don't Sleep On:

Part 1:

It's a slow burn for a blooper, but Lacroix's Murtagh (RIP!) and Richard Rankin's Roger talking about the Regulators losing eventually leads to giggles at 0:58.

Colin McFarlane impressively stays in character as an angry Ulysses — "I'll do that again because the door banged right across the line" — at 1:24.

Lyle's Marsali and César Domboy's Fergus get their colonial groove on at 1:54.

Part 2:

Rankin tells a pesky bug, "Fuck off," (I'm sure it deserved it) at 0:02.

A very proper Heughan proclaims, "Oh dear," when something falls at 0:09.

Balfe gives the unedited reason for why Claire didn't keep the Beardsley baby, "I seem to have acquired a baby and I've got no milk in my boobs," at 0:55.


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