Will There Be A 'Men In Kilts' Season 2? Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Are Down For Another Road Trip

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Will There Be A 'Men In Kilts' Season 2? Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Are Down For Another Road Trip

Even with a book about their travels and eight Men in Kilts episodes, you may not have had your fill of Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish's adventures. It seems neither have Heughan and McTavish. Based on the Outlander actors' quotes on the subject, a Men in Kilts Season 2 seems likely if the other parties involved are interested. That could mean more road trips and vanter with the buddies — kilted or otherwise.

Ahead of the Men in Kilts finale on April 11, Heughan and McTavish did a Q&A on Instagram Live. When asked where they'd like their next adventure to be, Heughan said, "We have been talking about a Season 2. We'd love to do one, wouldn't we?" McTavish replied that they were indeed in talks about a second season and that it would be "rather marvelous" if it happened. (They also didn't turn down the idea of a possible Clanlands book tour.) The teasing of a potential Season 2 didn't stop there since Heughan wrote in an Instagram post in honor of the finale, "Let's do it all again.....!!?"

Update: On Nov. 30, Men in Kilts was officially renewed for a second season, per Deadline.

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Earlier: As Heughan noted in the above post, he created, financed, and developed Men in Kilts, so the Jamie Fraser actor being excited about another season is rather crucial for it to happen. And his much-teased traveling companion McTavish seems equally enthused. Even within the season finale, McTavish plugged a Season 2 when he said, "I really hope we do do it all over again and I mean that. It's been lovely, it really has."

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