HBO Max's 'Generation' Trailer Is 'Euphoria' Without The Glitter

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HBO Max's 'Generation' Trailer Is 'Euphoria' Without The Glitter

Have you ever turned on Euphoria and thought, "Man, I really wish I could watch this show without the threat of overdose and death hanging over every episode?" If so, do I have a show for you. On Thursday, Feb. 11, HBO Max dropped the first trailer for the upcoming series, Generation, and if this isn't a slightly more lighthearted Euphoria, I don't know what is.

Generation was created by Zelda Barnz, a 19-year-old (you read that right), and her father, Daniel Barnz, inspired by their experience as a queer family — Zelda identifies as queer and has two dads and a brother who is also out. As Daniel Barnz explained to The Hollywood Reporter, the series aims to be an honest depiction of Gen Z's "embrace of queerness and otherness and their ability to walk through the world being so many things and not defined by any one of those things." Or, as star Justice Smith put it on Instagram, Generation is "gay af."

Sexuality and sexual identity will be at the core of the series, but the 16-episode first season will also tackle school shootings and teen pregnancy. It sounds heavy, and, yes, very Euphoria-like, but, while the showrunners are grateful for the comparison, they're also quick to shut down any notion that Generation is just a Euphoria rip-off.

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"I do think that our show is quite different because it's a show that really also leans into the humor of what it is to be a teenager and also the awkwardness of it," Barnz told THR. So, it's Euphoria without the drugs and excess glitter. The episodes are also only half an hour long, and it's produced by Lena Dunham, so I expect at least one awkward sex scene per episode.

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