Sonja Morgan's Daughter Goes Public On Instagram — Here's What We Learned

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Sonja Morgan's Daughter Goes Public On Instagram — Here's What We Learned

Sonja Morgan has spent a decade in front of the cameras, but there's one aspect of her life she's never brought onto Real Housewives of New York: her daughter. After a decade of occasional public appearances, but zero screen time, Sonja's daughter Quincy Morgan made her Instagram public for the first time on Wednesday, March 24, finally giving fans a look at her life.

Sonja divorced Quincy's father, John Adams Morgan, in 2006, prior to joining the Real Housewives franchise. And fans have never really had access to her family life before, as she decided not to have Quincy appear on RHONY. "Over the years, we've thought about [her appearing on RHONY] so many times," she told Reality Blurb in April of 2020. "But the fact is, she's been a straight-A student since kindergarten and she's now in an ivy league college and what's important is that she is a scholar."

Now a 20-year-old student at the University of Pennsylvania, Quincy is ready to step into the spotlight, or at least into the world of public Instagram pages. "I never thought I would make my social media public but here I am," she wrote in her Instagram stories on Wednesday, adding, "Excited to welcome everyone along for the ride."

So what do you need to know about Sonja's daughter? Here are the five things we learned from the now public account:

She's Not Super Into Instagram

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A quick look at Quincy's Instagram activity will tell you she's not super attached to social media. She's only posted three times in the last three months. For the older crowd, that may seem normal, but this is a 20-year-old we're talking about. Maybe there's a finsta we don't know about.

She's Not Afraid To Make Fun Of Her Mom's RHONY Antics

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In celebration of Mother's Day last year, Quincy recreated a series of Sonja's most iconic RHONY moments and photoshoots. "It had to be done," she captioned the series. "Happy Mother's Day to an ICON."

She's Also A Marley Fan

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Sonja's precious pup Marley makes a few appearances on Quincy's Instagram. "It's Marley's world we are living in..." she wrote. And with a floof like that, who can blame her?

She Enjoys A Good PRIDE Celebration

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Quincy has a couple posts celebrating PRIDE in New York in 2019, showing her support for the LGBTQ community.

She's An Artist

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In the summer of 2019, Quincy was featured as part of an art show at the NoMo SoHo. She's a painter, and she's shared a few of her pieces on her personal Instagram. But, a little digging will eventually get you to her official artist Instagram page, which is also public, @worksbyq. According to a post on that profile, Quincy is nicknamed "Q" and has been painting since she was 7 years old.

Image: Quincy Morgan/Instagram

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