The Street Lines In 'Bridgerton' Are The New Starbucksgate

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The Street Lines In 'Bridgerton' Are The New Starbucksgate

What rewatch are you on of Bridgerton already? Two? Six? Well, if you're an observant viewer, 19th century England scholar, or resident of Bath (where they filmed many a Bridgerton ball), you might have picked up on a few things after your first viewing. Maybe how Penelope's ensembles were a nod to her secret identity all along? Or perhaps how there was a slight blunder within the first five minutes of the Netflix drama series.

No matter how painstaking and meticulous a production, accidents can happen. Take Starbucksgate on Game of Thrones or the ovulation test confusion on This Is Us. But as @fakehistoryhunter shared on Twitter, there were a few modern yellow parking lines on the streets in front of Bath's Royal Crescent, which would not have existed in 1813 Grosvenor Square.

They continued on to say, "I've worked on a few films/tv shows as historical consultant and art department, I remember our lot painting over modern white lines on a street or covering the whole street with earth."

And as I scrolled back through the first five minutes of the show, this historical accuracy hunter found his flub, alright. The yellow line is front and center in the pilot episode, "Diamond of the First Water," as horse-drawn carriages ride by.

Season 1, Episode 1, "Diamond of the First Water"

As the Daily Mail reported, these yellow lines appeared 140 years before they were actually used in the United Kingdom. "In the UK the first ever road markings were white and appeared in 1918, and yellow lines didn't follow until the 1950s, limiting where cars were allowed to wait or unload items."

In fact, in a scene prior to the yellow line gaffe, white markings on the pavement can also be seen lining the cobblestone roads of Bath to the left of this dapper gentleman in a green coat.

Season 1, Episode 1, "Diamond of the First Water"

One Twitter user, @curlybathgirl, came to the production team's defense though. "I watched some poor sod hammering tin/aluminium sheets over the lines and into the cobbles when they were filming looked like the most tedious, painful job ever!"

But in addition to the yellow-lined roads, a few other gaffes were noted as modern inconsistencies that would not have existed in the Regency era. Like electric lamps.

One Bath local, @JORDANLEWIS, also went back and forth over the reflection of a Primark poster in a window, citing that "a lot of bridgerton was filmed in my town and one scene I saw was filmed outside of primark and in the background you can see the primark posters in the window."

Spotting these anachronistic snafus feels like an investigative undertaking worthy of Eloise Bridgerton's expertise. But in these modern times, we can count on Twitter to pick up on the detective work.


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