About Us

At The Dipp, we believe reading about pop culture should be fun, which is why we’ve taken out the annoying stuff. The searching, the scrolling, the clickbait, and the invasive ads — all of the things that prevent it from being a good time — are gone. Instead, when we launch this fall, we’ll be giving readers a customizable in-depth experience about the entertainment we all obsess over.

Think of us as the perfect group chat, one where everyone actually wants to talk about all of the drama in the on-call room at Grey Sloan, dissect Netflix's newest sci-fi show, and pretend like Real Housewives’ Puppygate never happened. We'll bring you a personalized feed of smartly reported articles, analysis, and commentary, along with exclusive conversations with the showrunners, actors, and reality TV personalities (even the ones you love to hate). All you have to do is sign up.

If you'd like to apply to write for The Dipp, email allison@thedipp.com.

For all other inquiries, email hi@thedipp.com.