Every Season Of '90 Day Fiancé' & The Spinoffs, Ranked

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Every Season Of '90 Day Fiancé' & The Spinoffs, Ranked

As a 90 Day Fiancé blogger, podcaster, writer, and all around superfan, I am asked all the time by people who have not watched the show where they should start. With spinoffs, and couples that span multiple iterations, new fans need some type of a guide that ushers them into the world of 90 Day.

Well folks, your wish has been granted. I have compiled my definitive ranking of every season of 90 Day Fiancé, as well as its spinoffs. So grab some popcorn and your best boxed wine and settle in for some binge watching, as I break down the best seasons of this crazy universe, from worst to best.

18. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4

Also known as the season where no one ended up together — except maybe yes-she-is-real Lana and David — this is without a doubt, the worst season in the entire franchise to date.

This cast is a boring, vapid, dreadful, downright unmitigated pile of crap stuck to the bottom of your shoe. No matter how much you try to wash it, the stink still follows you around and you’re reminded of it every time a Big Ed meme pops up in your Instagram feed.

17. 90 Day Fiancé Season 7

If there was an award for most boring season in the history of ever, we've found our winner. This snoozefest is not even redeemed by the appearance of Michael and Angela, whose story is pretty stale in this go-around. We did get a kicker with the denial of Michael’s visa but really, was that such a surprise? If there was anything else that happened this season, I missed it because I had more exciting things to do, like watching paint dry.

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